Saturday, April 9, 2011

Review of Alif's Recent Performance At Hood College

Alif Laila presented a beautiful and elegant concert of classical Indian music at Hood College this week.  The large and appreciative audience was mesmerized by her renditions of three raags, accompanied by the excellent tabla player, Amit Kavthekar.  She sprinkled her concert with commentary about the music, her instrument, and the great tradition of Indian music.  It was a wonderful evening and it was definitely one of the high points of our concert year.
Dr. Noel Lester, Professor and Chair, Department of Music
Hood College

Monday, April 4, 2011

Watch Clips from Alif's Upcoming Album "I Am A River"

"I Am A River" - Preview Clips Part 1: "The Beginning", "Innocence", and "Romance".

Alif Laila - Sitar
Bernhard Ullrich - Saxophone
Tanmoy Bose - Tabla
From Alif:
I am happy to announce my upcoming new album 'I Am a River' with jazz saxophone (Bernhard Ullrich) and tabla (Tanmoy Bose). Here are some thoughts behind the creation of this musical story: the river..its flowing currents weave through land and people, joining objects and lives .... the river symbolizes the life of humankind.. I am imagining myself to be the river, traveling through time and space capturing its mood (melody) and physical being (rhythm) ... different stages of life are depicted in the music.

Part 2 coming soon!