Monday, April 4, 2011

Watch Clips from Alif's Upcoming Album "I Am A River"

"I Am A River" - Preview Clips Part 1: "The Beginning", "Innocence", and "Romance".

Alif Laila - Sitar
Bernhard Ullrich - Saxophone
Tanmoy Bose - Tabla
From Alif:
I am happy to announce my upcoming new album 'I Am a River' with jazz saxophone (Bernhard Ullrich) and tabla (Tanmoy Bose). Here are some thoughts behind the creation of this musical story: the river..its flowing currents weave through land and people, joining objects and lives .... the river symbolizes the life of humankind.. I am imagining myself to be the river, traveling through time and space capturing its mood (melody) and physical being (rhythm) ... different stages of life are depicted in the music.

Part 2 coming soon!